Introducing the 2019 Maldon Festival

The 2019 Maldon Festival runs from 22 June to 6 July. It offers a fortnight of fantastic events from jazz to classical, beat-box to baroque, choral and orchestral, together with art exhibitions and displays. It is a chance for everyone – whether it is their first encounter with live music or seasoned concertgoers – to experience top musical entertainment right on their doorstep. Performances and participation involve children from local schools, talented amateurs from across the region, and professionals drawn from far and wide.

2019 Theme: A Festival of Animals

This year’s festival theme is the animal world. Throughout the fortnight, the Festival reflects our love of animals, featuring particular animal characters and referring to the ideal of protecting and preserving the natural world. The fortnight closes with a service of blessing for pets and livestock at St Mary’s Church.

From Silent Movies to Stilgoe .....

From political debate to musical satire, the Maldon Festival keeps real-life, real-time entertainment rolling throughout the fortnight. Audiences can swap the small screen for the silent screen and enjoy a trip into the past as the Maldon Festival recreates the silver screen experience. Concert goers can see just how many musical cues they recognise from the silent era that are still used in today’s movies, apps and games. So, take off the headphones and discover the drama of live accompaniment at this year’s Silent Movie extravaganza.

For 2019’s headline concert, the wonderful Joe Stilgoe brings his creative genius to bear on the current issues of the day, setting his views on life to music. With an opera star mother and a dad famed as a lyricist and entertainer, it’s no surprise that Stilgoe is such a gifted and remarkable musician and performer. Known for his musical dexterity and comic wit, Stilgoe’s shows are a brilliant mix of music, improvisation and performance. This show is expected to be a Maldon Festival sell out!

And so much more…

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